Kristen Lowe, fall 2011 - 2013:

Painting the Place Between - Follow four acclaimed Minnesota artists as they confront dicey weather conditions, time constraints, and internal struggles to paint significant MN landscapes.

Painting the Place Between, is a feature length documentary following four contemporary artists as they discover and paint significant Minnesota landscapes. In this film the painters confront three levels of conflict. 1). The unpredictable weather in Minnesota. 2). The time demands of painting in our, want-it-now-fast-pace-culture. 3). Internal struggles, things the audience doesn't see in a finished exhibition; the perseverance; doubts; the commitment necessary to establishing oneself in the professional artistic arena as a painter.

As a young artist under the executive direction of filmmakers, Judith Wechsler and Serge Lalou, I co-created and directed film shorts for the Louvre Museum’s education department. Working as a visual artist for twenty years and working with Wechsler taught me what truly looking at art can offer the viewer. Now I have a rare opportunity to create the synergy among several chapters of my life as a visual artist through the creation of one large project as the executive director and producer.

The beauty of Painting the Place Between, is that it presents a topic of broad interest and appeal through our common heritage of the land. It is enlightening, educational and entertaining – easily expanding its potential audience beyond the academic art world to the general public. I wanted to make this film for people interested in painting but necessarily formally trained in art.

What is the plan and where are we 2012 - 13’ ? I have successfully funded more than half the project to date and attracted the best talent for the film crew. I have rough cuts of working artists and interviews; on-location footage of artists working in the Boundary Waters, in the flooded Canon River to farm fields in Northfield, MN and back again in studios. Interest in the film has been growing steadily. Twin Cities Public television, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and the Minnesota Museum of American Art are all supporting this project by featuring clips of the film in progress this fall. These opportunities are perfectly timed as I am scheduled to be on teaching sabbatical from Gustavus College, 2013-14, and will use that time to culminate and advance this film project



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